Wool-Blend Everyday Coat for Women San Jose California

Camel Comfort

Alright so unless you live in San Diego or anywhere else where it’s beautiful year round, you’ll need a coat that keeps you warm but also goes with everything in your closet. This is where a neutral coloured coat comes in. I for one am obsessed with camel everything right now, so naturally I’m drawn to camel coats this winter.

Wool-Blend Everyday Coat for Women

Wool-Blend Everyday Coat for Women

When I bought this coat I had already been looking for my perfect camel coat for a while. But because I started to get picky, I waited until the last minute before my trip to Paris to get one. Getting it online wasn’t an option as I was strapped for time. I was at my local mall hoping to find my ideal coat and had no luck. I was just about to leave when I walked past Old Navy and saw it in the window. My coat! I tried it on and bought it then and there. It’s a staple in my closet right now and goes with absolutely everything!

Wool-Blend Everyday Coat for Women San Jose California

How you can wear camel

Camel in general is super easy to wear since it can be considered a neutral to many. I definitely wear my camel pieces just like I would a black, navy or grey piece. Because it’s so easy to pull out of your closet when you just don’t know what to wear, it becomes a staple. Layering with this coat is great too. I love wearing my camel coat with high waisted jeans or faux leather leggings, a tighter turtle neck sweater underneath with some sneakers or booties. You could wear it over your holiday dress and over the knee boots. There are so many ways to wear this coat and that’s why I love it so much!

Wool-Blend Everyday Coat for Women Paris France

Other camel coats

Here are some other great camel coats you can rock this winter season.

Are any of you also obsessed with camel at the moment? Let me know if you are and how you like to wear it!


“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw

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