Florence Cathedral of Saint Mary view

My Contiki experience 

11 countries, 26 days

In the fall of 2012, my friend and I took off to travel around Europe for a couple of months. I had heard great things about Contiki as well as plenty of positive reviews online which helped us make our decision. We decided to give it a shot and felt like having an organized tour around Europe wouldn’t be a terrible idea considering everything was planned ahead of time. We joined the European Escapade family and had the time of our lives. I want to talk a bit about some aspects of my experience with Contiki that I feel are important for anyone considering a future trip with them.

Financially, it did cost a pretty penny as our Contiki trip was just shy of $4000 at the time. They do however take care of transportation throughout the whole trip. The group travels around Europe on a bus along with our personal driver and our tour manager. Accommodation is all included as well. There were hostels and camp grounds a bit better than others but we never stayed in glamorous hotels. If that’s what you’re after then this trip is not for you. Most meals are included but for the price it would have been great to have them all included. Although I did appreciate that they gave us time on our own to go and explore the city’s speciality cuisines.

Eiffel Tower Paris France

The food that they serve you is not gourmet but it was always decent. If you’re a foodie make sure to really use the time they give you in town to try out the local delicacies!

What I really enjoyed about the trip was how much I got to see in just 26 days. They hit the nail on the head with the itinerary. They did what was necessary in order for us to see as much as we could in that time frame. Now, this also means it’s fast paced. You need to be punctual to make sure no-one waits for you. In that aspect, it’s not the most flexible but I quite enjoyed it because we find booking hostels and dealing with transportation all very stressful, and that’s the last thing we wanted.

We got to visit each city for a day or sometimes even two. Since it was my first time around Europe, I liked the fact that we got to see a lot even just for a little while. Because the next time I go back to Europe, I’ll know what I enjoyed and would want to see again. Contiki took us to the key spots and main attractions in each city. It was fantastic to know that all we had to do was follow along their itinerary and we’d get a great experience.

Beach Nice French Riviera France

Contiki organizes some really neat activities. They let you know before hand because not all are mandatory and are not included in the trip price. We had a blast at Octoberfest, paragliding in Austria, white water rafting, and drinking wine in french vineyards to name a few.

We had a wonderful tour manager who was not only very knowledgeable about the places we were visiting, but she was also a ball of energy who kept the party going.

Contiki is the travel group you need to think about joining if you’re travelling alone. You meet some amazing people who end up being friends for life. You’ll end up travelling with them once Contiki is over. You’ll definitely keep in touch and even visit each other! Anyhow, when you’ve got people who are as crazy about travel as you are, only good things can happen. Yes, the reviews are true when they say it’s a crazy party. But we’re only young once right? Have fun!!

I hope this gave you an idea of what Contiki is like if you’re considering a trip with them. Here’s their website link where you can find the trip that suits you best. – Contiki

Park Güell Salamander Barcelona Spain

Comment down below and let me know what your favourite way to travel is. Is it an organized trip from beginning to end? Travelling on your own? Travelling with no plans at all? Also if you’ve travelled with Contiki, let me know what your thoughts are on your experience!

Happy travelling!!


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, It’s lethal.” Paulo Coelho

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    1. No, unfortunately the $4000 was just what was included with Contiki. So accommodation, transportation and a few lunches/dinners. Everything else you want to do (activities/meals/drinks) is not included in that price.


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