Navy Haircare Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray Review

I’m heading to Coachella and I’m going to need to bring my most favourite products. I got a new haircare product about a month ago and I’ve been using it non stop. It’s called the ‘Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray’ by Navy Haircare. It’s quickly becoming my go to hair care product. I decided to write a little review on this product since I started packing for Coachella and thought, “I can’t not bring this spray with me this weekend”.

Navy Haircare has just launched their first product called the ‘Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray’. It’s a multi purpose prep and finishing spray. It offers protection from heat styling with a weightless finish. The spray gives a natural shine while protecting from harsh uv rays. Navy’s Style Navigator helps to create waves of your own with gorgeous hair. One of the reasons I love using this product is because of its smell. It smells like cotton candy! I admit I overuse it a bit because I want to make sure the smell still lingers. Besides all of the great benefits it gives my hair, it leaves my hair always smelling its best.

Navy Haircare Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray

Style Navigator benefits: (found on the website)
* Free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and petrolatum.
* Micro mist spray that combats static and controls frizz.
* Versatile use on wet or dry hair, for all hair types.
* Dry conditioning agents detangle and revive hair.
* Illuminates hair with a weightless finish that leaves zero build-up.
* Prolongs your blowout’s life.
* UV and thermal protection.

* Eco-Friendly packaging.
* Revitalizes hair for smooth, silky softness and natural bounce.
* Expands styling versatility, from easy everyday looks to editorial precision.
* Bright seacoast bouquet evokes the energizing caress of sun and surf.

Navy’s spray always leaves my hair well conditioned and beautifully styled. I absolutely recommend this Navigator Style spray to anyone who loves having healthy, shiny hair and who love sprays with multi purpose use.




“Can we have a moment of silence for all those good hair days where no one important saw us.” – unknown

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