Going To Your First SoulCycle Class? Here’s What To Expect

A couple weeks ago I went in for my first ever cycling class. Since then I’ve gone again. I feel like it isn’t just a place where you sit on a bike and petal. It’s a whole experience and because of that I thought I’d share it with you and how it became my new favourite form of self-care.

Now, I’m not a fitness blogger as I’m still learning what my body likes and needs in terms of working out. I’m just sharing my own experience. But I thought I’d clear the air on what actually goes on at a cycling class for anyone who has been wanting to try it out and has been feeling hesitant. When I moved to the Bay Area, I knew I wanted to get back into a workout routine and thought I’d only be going to the gym or to a volleyball court.

I had been invited to go to a Soul Cycle class and so I thought I’d give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. When I walked in, the lovely employees at Soul Cycle helped me sign up, gave me a pair of cycling shoes, and showed me around. There are lockers, restrooms/shower rooms, and of course the cycling room. Before class, you book a bike. So you generally know where you’re headed. There are people there waiting for you so they can help set the bike up for you. They measure the seat so you’re at a good distance from the handle bars. They show you how your cycling shoes attach to the pedals so you’re pretty much glued to your bike. You can find a couple weights underneath your seat for your arm workout during the class. And they leave a towel on the bike for you. The instructor has his/her own bike up at the front facing you so you can always see them no matter where you are in room. They’re also a low-key DJ because they have their laptop right next to the bike so they can drop the beats.

The ambiance in the room has its own category. During most of the class, the room is dark and you can pretty much only see shadows of heads bobbing up and down with candles that surround the instructors bike. The music is perfect for motivating you and to push you to your limits. It’s mostly EDM music because that’s really the kind of music that pushes you. Besides the fact that you’re working out, I mean, you’ve got EDM music, a dark room and everyone is sweaty so you really feel like you’re at a club.

The class itself is 45 minutes of nonstop cycling, there are bits where you slow down and use your weights and also moments where you’re cycling so fast while you’re doing pushups on the handles and moving up and down from your seat. It sometimes feels like you’re dancing because you always seem to be going with the beat. And you know when you’re not in rhythm because you’re not moving with everyone else. If everyone is in sync, it not only looks great, but you’re even more motivated to push harder until the end.

Before the class ends the instructor makes sure to spend a few minutes stretching. This is truly the best feeling besides drinking water. The two times I’ve gone, both instructors have given motivational speeches while we stretch. It really helps you focus on what’s important in life. No matter what you’re going through, in that moment you feel like a weight has been lifted and that only positive things are going to happen.

You leave the class feeling like a million bucks! I honestly feel like I can do anything after a Soul Cycle class. For me it isn’t just a basic workout session. It’s an experience and I’m putting everything I have into that class.

This has been my experience with cycling and if you haven’t already tried it out at least once, I definitely recommend it. Here is the link to the Soul Cycle website where you’ll be able to search up classes near you! We’re not allowed to take pictures inside so you’ll just have to see it for yourself!

Have you ever gone to a cycling class? Did you have a similar experience? Let me know down below!



“Take your journey, change your body, find your soul”. – Soul Cycle

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