Lately I’ve really been thinking about the fashion brands I support and whether or not their values align with mine. I want to do my part and start taking simple steps to help make a positive change in the fashion industry.

I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog where every now and then I introduce a new sustainable fashion brand that goes along with my beliefs.

I want to start with a Bay Area based, sustainable accessories brand that gives back and focuses on quality, sustainability, & women empowerment.


Hathorway was founded in February 2018 by Jessica Phan, a Bay Area Designer. With her background in graphic design, her inspiration comes from the clean lines and an edgy silhouette of geometric shapes – designed for the modern metropolitan woman.

Years ago, Jessica visited her parents’ homeland in Vietnam and was drawn to handmade buffalo horn everything. From combs, to spoons, sauce dishes to jewelry. Jessica fell in love with it and thus selected buffalo horns as the primary material for hathorway.


A byproduct of waste  Hathorway ethically-source buffalo horns that are discarded from the food industry & dead stock in Vietnam. As a sign of respect to the buffalo, nothing of the creature is wasted.

A chemical free process – To prevent pollution, no chemicals are used, nor is it made with a process that is harmful to our environment. Using only heat and oil, the horns are flattened into plates, then cut, and polished with using water.

An organic material – As an eco-friendly material with high mineral nitrogen, all the excess horn shavings produced during the creation of the pieces are used as soil fertilizer for the rice fields in Vietnam. Thus, providing rice crops to feed people and other buffalos.

A one-of-a-kind piece – Every horn piece is one-of-a-kind. Each possesses its own exquisite colours and patterns variation from various shades of lustrous milk, caramel, and charcoal colours in various levels of lucency.

What is so remarkable is that even though all the horns are sourced and created in Vietnam, Jessica designs and assembles them herself in her home office in Redwood City, California.

sustainable and unique jewelry brand made with buffalo horns in the bay area

Another thing I really love about this company is that 10% of all profit is donated to organizations and initiatives that helps women through justice, science, education and other opportunities. 

I’m currently loving my new Hathorway ‘Vui Mung Dark Geometric Buffalo Horn Statement Earrings’. The dark burnt orange/brown tones make them so perfect for fall and I’m definitely one to go for a pair of statement earrings like these ones pictured below.



What are your favourite ethical fashion brands? I’d love to get to know more sustainable brands out there. Comment below!


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