We knew we wanted to spend a full day out at sea. There were quite a few spots in the south of the island that we wanted to see and sailing around in a catamaran sounded like an awesome adventure. Some of the beaches weren’t accessible any other way than by boat, so we ended up booking with Milos Adventures. It was one of the most incredible experiences and definitely the highlight of Milos for me and Marco.


  • Poliegos island
  • Firligos beach
  • Gerakas also called “Ammotsoulithres”
  • Exploring the numerous sea caves of the old pirate bay Kleftiko
  • Sail by the west coast of the island (Sykia, Agios Ioannis, Triades, Agatha and Cape Vani)
  • Sail by Arkoudes (complex of lava rocks), Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni (colourful little
  • houses called “Sirmata”

The meeting point starts off at the “Milos Adventures” office in Adamas at 9:00am. They drive everyone out to Pollonia to get on the Catamaran and begin sailing at 10:30am. Since we were staying in Pollonia, we met up with the group there.


This was our first stop and let me tell you, the water here is so blue. We’ve never seen anything like it. We stopped here for about 30 minutes and we got a chance to dive off the catamaran and swim in the most incredible water. It’s so nice being able to see everything below you. It was clear, clean and just cold enough to cool us down in the heat. These photos will speak for themselves.


Our second stop took us to Firligos beach where the water gave us this cool ombre effect. This was a shorter stop but still gave us the opportunity to swim around and actually walk along the beach. This beach was definitely a gem.


Gerekas or “Ammoutsoulithres” is a beach with a long and narrow strip of light sand under the shadow of a tall mountain right behind it. I was too it the moment to take my phone out for pictures. It was yet another stunning beach on our cruise around Milos.


Arriving at Kleftiko is something else. No matter what direction you’re looking at, all of Kleftiko is a site you absolutely have to see in person to understand how amazing it is. The water here is exactly like how it was on our first stop. Bright blue, but this time with white cliffs and sea caves surrounding it. This was our stop for snorkeling, swimming, and lunch. I believe we were there for a good hour and a half. This was also where they gave us a frappé (my Greek beverage obsession). Day made!


Finally, after a long day of swimming, we were on our way back to Adamas. Along the way, we sailed past stunning views on the west coast of Milos. We would slow down whenever we got to cool looking cliffs or another beautiful beach. We even sailed next to a family of turtles which I was too slow to capture on camera. Soon it was sunset hour and we were sailing by Klima which we had visited a few days prior. But seeing these fishing towns on the catamaran at sunset was incredible. It was a whole new way of exploring the island. This was when they gave us ice-cream for the last part of our journey. Everyone was just lying on their towels, embracing their loved ones, and taking in the most breathtaking views. It was the best way to end such a perfect day.

Food & Drinks

During the cruise, they provided us with drinks (soft drinks, frappés and alcohol drinks (wine & beer), lunch (meat, fish or seafood) and snacks (fruits & ice-cream). They also have vegan, gluten free etc. options depending on your dietary restrictions. Lunch and all the snacks were delicious.

Length of cruise

10:30am – 7pm
Embark at 10:30am in Pollonia
Disembark at 7pm in Adamas

Rate per person

01 Apr to 15 Jun = 120 Euros
16 Jun to 14 Sep = 140 Euros
15 Sep to 28 Oct = 120 Euros

From sailing out at sea, swimming in the most incredibly blue water, exploring sea caves and taking breaks for yummy Greek food and frappés, we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Truly one of the best ways to see this island and I’d definitely recommend this to anybody going to Milos!

Happy Sailing!


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