7 Things I Learned Working as a Flight Attendant

I had the incredible experience of working as a Flight Attendant for a brief year and a half. I left the job because I moved down to California from Vancouver and there was no base where I moved to. It was a hard thing to do because even after all of the sleepless nights and sleepless flights, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Lately I’ve been thinking back on flights I had worked on and looking at pictures from layovers. I’ve been thinking a lot about my whole time as an FA (flight attendant) and I decided to write a post on some of the things I’ve learned. Before getting the job, I had an idea about what the job would entail. But from my actual experience, I learned quite a bit from working up in the sky. Here are 7 things I learned while working as a flight attendant:

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Things to do in Vegas in the Winter

Yes I went to Vegas in January. Why? Because it’s Vegas and I don’t really need a good reason to go! Vegas shouldn’t only be an amazing getaway trip in the summer. I have friends who have gone in November, others in February and all have said that it’s still a great time. So since my sister in law came to visit for a couple weeks, why not spend a few days in Vegas??

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My Contiki experience 

11 countries, 26 days

In the fall of 2012, my friend and I took off to travel around Europe for a couple of months. I had heard great things about Contiki as well as plenty of positive reviews online which helped us make our decision. We decided to give it a shot and felt like having an organized tour around Europe wouldn’t be a terrible idea considering everything was planned ahead of time. We joined the European Escapade family and had the time of our lives. I want to talk a bit about some aspects of my experience with Contiki that I feel are important for anyone considering a future trip with them.

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