For anyone planning a trip to Athens in the near future, I’ve written a little travel guide to help you plan before you go.

Below you can find my guide on what to see, what to eat, where to stay, how to get around, and where the best spots are for photos.

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So you’ve seen everyone’s amazing shots of the Grand Canyon and now you want to plan a trip so that you can finally witness how unbelievable it is for yourself. You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to be going through my Arizona adventure so you’ll be able to start planning your trip and know what you want to see.

My trip was this past June and man was it hot! It reached 35 degrees celsius but when hiking throughout the canyon, it feels like it’s 100 degrees. So I’ll give you some tips on how you can stay cool (ish) and hydrated.

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Going To Your First SoulCycle Class? Here’s What To Expect

A couple weeks ago I went in for my first ever cycling class. Since then I’ve gone again. I feel like it isn’t just a place where you sit on a bike and petal. It’s a whole experience and because of that I thought I’d share it with you and how it became my new favourite form of self-care.

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My First Coachella Experience + What I’d Do Differently

I wish I could come on here and share that my first Coachella experience went perfectly and that there was nothing I’d do differently. Unfortunately, there were incidents that happened which make me wish I could do it over. Before Coachella I did some research on what to bring, what to avoid and basically any tips I could take with me. Even with all that, I still wasn’t prepared. So I’ve decided to share my experience and maybe some of you can take a tip or two from this for your first Coachella. Also, the few pictures I have on here, I took with my husband’s phone. You’ll see why.

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Navy Haircare Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray Review

I’m heading to Coachella and I’m going to need to bring my most favourite products. I got a new haircare product about a month ago and I’ve been using it non stop. It’s called the ‘Style Navigator Prep & Finishing Spray’ by Navy Haircare. It’s quickly becoming my go to hair care product. I decided to write a little review on this product since I started packing for Coachella and thought, “I can’t not bring this spray with me this weekend”.

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5 Tips To Stay Healthy While Travelling

We’re all guilty of going on a trip and seeing it as a reason to slack off on the workouts and over indulging in everything we see because we’re on vacation. And that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. I mean, if you’re in Italy for the first time, then you absolutely need to eat all of the pizza, pasta and gelato you can get your hands on. These tips are more for the people who need to stay on track to get to their goal or they’re about to go on a trip and just need to be reminded of all the things that will help them maintain a semblance of their routine.

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This Spring’s Unique Must-Have Accessory : Wooden Watches

Read this post until the end so you can enter for your chance to win a $100 gift code towards your new Jord Watch!

How I’m adding my new Jord Watch to my spring wardrobe

Spring is almost here!! With the weather slowly warming up and with spring just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about some new unique pieces I can’t wait to wear this upcoming season! One of those pieces is my new Jord Wooden Watch. Wooden watches are so unique and such a stand out piece which is why I think it’s this spring’s must-have accessory. Jord Watches make both men’s and women’s watches and are all handcrafted with all-natural wood. I just know I’m going to be wearing my Jord Cassia Timepiece so much this spring and summer!

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