30 Before 30

I realize that I’m 27 and only have 2.5 years until I’m 30. Not too sure how I feel about that so I’ve decided to revisit my 30 before 30 list. This list is pretty much a bucket list of all the things I want to do or at least plan to do before I turn the big 3-0.

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Denim and Slides for a Casual Day

Since I’ve moved down to California, I’m getting used to the fact that a winter down here means you can still wear slides in January. On days that I need to leave the house quickly and don’t have much time to put an outfit together, this jacket and these slides have been my go to.

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First Blog Post

Hi world! Happy new year! It feels good to finally be writing in my own blog. Something that belongs to me in this little corner of the internet. I’m excited to start writing about all my travels, share current fashion trends I’m loving, beauty products and anything else that pulls at my heart strings. As I’ve just moved down to California from Vancouver, Canada, I feel like this new blogging adventure came at a good time. I’m hoping to connect with as many people as possible through this blog.

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My Current Beauty Favourites

Here are some beauty products that I’ve been loving recently. These products have either been on repeat in my makeup bag or they’re somewhat new and I can’t stop using them! 

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My Contiki experience 

11 countries, 26 days

In the fall of 2012, my friend and I took off to travel around Europe for a couple of months. I had heard great things about Contiki as well as plenty of positive reviews online which helped us make our decision. We decided to give it a shot and felt like having an organized tour around Europe wouldn’t be a terrible idea considering everything was planned ahead of time. We joined the European Escapade family and had the time of our lives. I want to talk a bit about some aspects of my experience with Contiki that I feel are important for anyone considering a future trip with them.

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